Tuesday, January 6, 2009
I've been so stressed lately, I feel I need time in a decompression chamber. Tomorrow's Szandor's 6 month review for early intervention services, and since I was informed last month, I've been goin' nuts making sure that everything is ready, the house, Szandor, all I really need is Nate's bus to be on time.

I think at this point in time, I've drank enough coffee to be nicely caffeinated. The house is almost clean, according to Brea-standards, and trust me, those standards are pretty stringent (I mean, you're talkin' to someone who swears by bleach to make sure everything's sanitized, deodorized, and in general awesome-smelling, who adores the smell of cleaning products, and has severe OCD tendencies when it comes to cleaning), I've also found the elusive Missing Sippy Cup, so I feel as though I'm on a roll.

I need to set goals for this year, to make sure I am on track, that my life is heading in a semi-acceptable direction, and that in the end, my life can be something I can be proud of, and I shall make a separate blog to track those goals.

Now, all I'm waiting on is for Nate to get home.
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