Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Alrighty, I'm sitting here again, wishing somehow a pack of cigarettes would materialize right in front of me. Maybe if I wish hard enough, it'll happen? *rolls eyes* Very doubtful, Brea. I hope somehow I'm able to obtain a few cigarettes from someone by the end of today, otherwise I'll go crazy albino Wyomingite on someone.

I realized this summer I need to get more proactive about the causes I believe wholeheartedly in. I'm sick of sitting by and watching what I believe in become less and less valid to me, all because I've gotten supremely lazy.

I need to clean the house, and find Nate's other shoe, because he goes back to school today (holiday on Monday, evaluations on Tuesday), and Szandor's early intervention coordinators come today, so I've got to make sure that the house looks semi-presentable, especially since I don't get any help from Mike when he does have a work day, which makes me feel like shit, because the past couple days he's worked closes I've said I was going to visit my youngest sister, which never pans out.

Speaking of cleaning and finding, I might as well get to it. I'll update later, if I remember to.
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