Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Ok, so for the past month and a half, I've been hiding messages within my Myspace bulletins and figured there was no harm in trying it out for Myspace messages...... Man was I wrong! I forgot that when someone goes to reply to the message, it shows the entire message even the HTML input to change the font color to hide the part you want to hide.

So, I sent a message to Brian (Anthony's father), and hid some text within the message I'd sent, about how I really feel..... And I'm very sure he read the part I meant to hide, because the conversation he and I had via Yahoo! messenger had taken a very emotional turn .... So, I'm sitting here feeling so incredibly sick, confused, and torn..... I just wish life were easier when it came to situations like this.

On a very sad note: My cellphone's been disconnected until the 14th (hopefully that's the LATEST it'll be off until), which means I'm incredibly up shit creek without a paddle until.

I'm sitting here with a screwdriver.... Mmm, delicious vodka and orange juice, I need to get back to Guild Wars, but am unsure of doing so.
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